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Where is my money

I waited very patiently for 14 days until the pending clearance was clear. Then I go to direct deposit it and I’m told that it’ll take ANOTHER SEVEN DAYS!!!

I can’t do this. Its incredibly hard to make ends meet and I was literally DEPENDING on this money to be cleared today. Now my electricity is being shut off and I don’t know what we’re gonna eat for 7 days.
We practically starved for the 14 it took to clear.

What the hell???
I need my money, if it cleared already WHY AM I WAITING AN ENTIRE WEEK again??? This is stupid.

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Why is it taking another 7 days? When I withdraw money through bank transfer, It is usually in my bank account in 1-2 days.

Is it Paypal or Payoneer?

Is this your first time withdrawing money from Fiverr? If yes, unfortunately, an additional clearing time is pretty standard, and it’s usually related to your bank (or Payoneer, as I think they are the third party who deal with bank transfers for Fiverr) to have a bit of a delay in getting funds to you. Essentially, the 14-day clearing cycle is a ‘Fiverr thing’. Any time after that is a ‘bank thing’.

PayPal, I believe, is instant. Perhaps for when you’re in a financial bind, it might be a better option?

Also, just so you’re aware - nobody from Fiverr reads the forums, we’re all just sellers and buyers like you. (in case you’re expecting an official Fiverr response here)


I read somewhere in the forum a different information – some people say it is actually faster to withdraw the money with Payoneer that usually takes 1-2 days, while it is quite longer with Paypal specially on your first withdraw. Which is true??

I’ve done both. We’re based in the UK.

With PayPal, the conversion rates were awful, but the money was instant.

With Payoneer, the fees are better, but it take about 24 hours from requesting the money, to it being in my bank acct.

If I am not mistaken, I also read somewhere that there are no more Paypal Withdrawal fees. I read that Fiverr’s help Center, but cannot find the exact page now. This is so confusing. Which is true?? :sweat_smile:

I’ve amended my post, to say that the currency conversion rates were awful, rather than the fees, as I suspect you may be correct that fees aren’t being applied.

Aw okay, sorry! Thanks for the information :slight_smile:
Well, let’s see… I should make my first withdrawal in the next few days… and my currency is EURO. Fingers crossed!

This is insane, I withdraw to PayPal and it’s never taken more than 5 minutes for the money to show up.

With the whole guilt-trip they probably were.