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Where is my post project?


I posted a project yesterday and have discussed the project with a couple of Fiverr providers … all good so far.

Today I wanted to review the details of the project I posted … but I can’t find it. I’ve looked for it in the Dashboard, in My Profile, in Account settings, in the Hamburger menue, in Conversations, and all over the site.

Can someone tell me where it is hidden? :slight_smile:


Near ‘dashboard’ menu you will find ‘messages’ menu. It will have pink dot if there is any update regarding your project.
You will also notify by mail if your post have any updates.


You can find it in ‘buyer request’ section.


Thx … I’m a buyer and am not seeing a ‘buyer request’ section.


I can’t be sure this will work, it depends on what you mean by post, but try this:


‘Buyer requests’ section is visible for buyer and seller both.
It’s under ‘More’ menu


Maybe the problem is the screen.

Please zoom out your screen until you’re able to see all the headband: Dashboard Messages Orders Gigs Analytics Earnings Community and so on

P.S.: I’m not sure if buyers see the same as seller but I hope you get the point.