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Where is my refund? I want my money

I’m a VID on Fiverr and a seller recently canceled an order because I brought up the issue that I wasn’t satisfied with his work. I got a refund and I requested it to be sent back to the card on file. It has now been almost a week and the money hasn’t been returned to my account; nor is it shown as an account balance. What is going on? Where is my money?

Also, now I do not have access to Fiverr customer support chat. Is it down for everybody? As a VID I have had access to Fiverr customer support chat for awhile but now it’s not working. Sometimes the button in the bottom right doesn’t show up at all, or when it does I’ll click it and it’ll pop up but then close quickly and not reappear. What is going on??


I’m fairly certain that successful Fiverr refunds are issued to the user’s Fiverr account balance, not to a bank, savings or credit account.


Contact customer support by email

@enunciator They can get back their money on bank account but after a couple of days and only after asking CS for that.


Good to know! So the default is that refunds are returned to the Fiverr account, but CS must take action to reissue it elsewhere.


@enunciator and @marinapomorac thanks for contributing to my question. Yes, I’ve reached out to CS after the refund was accepted by me and notified them that I want the money on my card instead of as an account balance. It’s now been almost a week and I still haven’t received it to my card so that’s what has me irritated at the moment.




The money will eventually be where it needs to be.

Only issue is if you desperately need it now now.

You should never use your now now money online because at any point it can get stuck somewhere.


@marinapomorac fortunately I’m not in that situation where I desperately need it at the moment. But waiting a week for it seems to be excessive.


Not really. Just because you got your money back on Fiverr account, that is not the end of the story.

Seller can send his dispute and ask for money back if he delivered the work and buyer canceled in attempt to scam.
Fiverr does not refund money on “liking” things.

If seller is offering blue square on white background and buyer buys it but doesn’t like it, unless seller sent him blue circle or red square he is not entitled for refund.

As long as delivery is as per GIG description. If delivery is poor in quality from presented in GIG then yes.

But for some designers, like me, with 14 years of experience, I don’t to poor quality design.
And I make it 100% clear to my client before ordering and in my client’s brief that liking the end result is not in any way shape or form connected to money element of transaction.

So what Fiverr does is return the money to buyers Fiverr account but it is not going to release it unless seller doesn’t open dispute.

The system has to protect both parties involved.


@marinapomorac it definitely is excessive. The order was canceled BY THE SELLER, not by me. I did not send a dispute after delivery of work, SELLER canceled the order DURING the gig. My situation is NOTHING like the one you are describing.


To Fiverr that doesn’t matter who canceled.

All cancelations are processed equally.


@marinapomorac either way your scenario doesn’t apply to me. Seller cancelled the order so any dispute that is then raised by them is false and illegitimate. How can you dispute an order/refund, still say you should get paid for services and delivery that wasn’t even rendered? The seller cancelled the order even before they delivered anything so your scenario is null and void.

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