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Where is my refund on my fiverr account?

I canceled my order because artist and I couldn’t work together.

Where is my refund now??


contact with support

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If you canceled before the order was completed you never would have received the funds in the first place.

If you canceled after the order was completed and you did not get a credit on your balance then you can e-mail support a

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But I payed?! How does that make sense

The order was completed to complete nonsense and I refused to accept it and refunded. What is going on?

My balance says 0 €. What.

When you say refunded how do you know your cancelation was accepted, did you get email from Fiverr to confirm this, does it show in your profile? It takes time to get the balance shown but it should be there.

The order will be automatically canceled on Sep 18, 07:23 PM if the seller doesn’t decline your request

Sorry, I thought you wreathe seller.

So, was it cancelled?

I mean it says automatically canceled, I have no idea where I would see it.

This is so stupid because I wanted to use the money for another order anyways, it is not like fiverr is missing out …

Never mind it worked out, the Budget is here


My guess is that it worked out since the time is clearly stating

so it was not canceled until 07:23, and that happened 7 minutes ago.


Why contact Support, he got his funds back? Have you even read the whole thread, or are you only responding to have as many posts on the forum as possible (and look completely incompetent while you’re doing it)?


A late answer but it wasn’t automatically refunded, I got a customer service response.

But basically, you ARE right: I had to ask Customer Service later.

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