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Where Is My Refund?


I am going to work with a seller on Fiverr for a bulk order but before placing orders I have one query.

If I purchase the gigs from a seller on bulk and the services he describe are not delivered and when I ask for a refund he refuses. Now, if I have all the proofs that the service he described wasn't delivered and my account details and his written consent that if he fails to deliver his services he will provide a guaranteed full 100% refund. Will I get a refund in this case if I raise a dispute and contact the support?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the help. But I want to know that is it certain that if I show each and every proof and the written wordings of the seller of giving 100% refund if services are not delivered I will get a refund even if the seller refuses.

it depends what you want to refund back. what did you order and what did they not deliver right? tell me and I might be able to help you with it.

as for fiverr when both the seller and the buyer agree with cancelling the order then your money is refunded back to your fiverr account as credit but you cannot withdraw that back to your bank account, it stays with fiverr and you have to find a way of spending it.

So I purchased a service on 9/8/2016. The seller missed the deadline but said they would have it done in 12 hours… I said okay… The seller STILL has not delivered. but marked the request rejected/complete? I submitted a dispute ticket last week. Still nothing… What should I do next?

When you say you have submitted a dispute ticket, did you do that through the resolution center on the order page? If you did, it goes directly to the seller.

You need to contact customer support for assistance.

The gut feeling is so important. Can’t emphasize it enough. No matter how big an order might be, if I have a bad feeling with a buyer I suggest him to look for another seller. I’m doing this in 80% of all cases.

please contact CS fiverr. :slight_smile:

You should never order a bulk order from a seller you’ve never worked with before.

A seller’s business style, communication, work ethic, and work quality should be tested before you throw hundreds of dollars at a seller. Do this by buying a few small gigs – a $5, a $15, a $50, etc. And while I recognize that you want to understand the terms before ordering – this does sound like you’re waiting for someone to disappoint you so you can ask for a refund.

You are entitled to a refund only if:
-the work is never delivered.
-the work is plagiarized.
-the work is not what you ordered (you ordered a logo of a blue triangle and received a pink circle).
-the work is delivered late (after 48 hours I think the order is automatically canceled).

Remember that refunds on Fiverr are in terms of Fiverr credit. Fiverr credit may only be used on Fiverr to purchase gigs. To purchase a gig with Fiverr credit, you must purchase a gig equal to or less than the amount of credit you have in your account. Your processing fee will not be returned to you, however when purchasing a gig with Fiverr credit no processing fees are charged.