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Where is my review?

I’m new to Fiverr, I did a great Gig with a great client, everything went perfect and she was very happy with the results, so it shows me the beautiful review she left after she concluded the process, my problem is, that great review is not showing up on my profile, it takes time to show there ? do I need to do anything from my end to that review to show there? as a new seller here it would be obviously great to have such review there so people know im serious about my work here

i think if she left review then it will show your profile when you also give me a feedback when she place a feedback for your design … if you also give her feedback then contact with customer support !!

I found weird because over her review that was this part where I suppose to write a review about her, but once I finished writing the green button wasn’t green for me to post it

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then you should take a screenshot of this problem and sent it to customer support they will solve it !! just do it what i say !!

Thanks, I will do that now

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any time brother !!!

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