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Where is other options in logo design?

see here i can not found other option on that gig.only source file they show. but other files also need to send a proper buyer request


There is no need to be options there, just tell your buyer what you will deliver.

And, of course, fulfill your promise :wink:

Dear i want to kno.why this happen with me whats the problem.

Are you trying to respond to a Buyer Request?

Sellers cannot use Buyer Requests to look for work and it seems that may be what you are attempting to do? :thinking:

Trying to sending request

If you are a seller you cannot send requests for work on Buyer Requests. You can however make an offer on a Buyer Request.

If you are trying to make an offer to a Buyer Request the only tool Fiverr gives sellers to do that is what is in the screenshot you posted.