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Where is "Recently delivered" gigs?


I can’t find it, seems like I forget where to search or is it just disappeared? )


Are you the seller or buyer?


Seller. I mean not my delivered gigs, I mean all recently delivered gigs.


click on dashboard then notifications


No, not that. These are my gigs, and I want to see all recently delivered works. There were somewhere other’s newbie delivered orders.


Then click on the cart


And?.. There is nothing.


Go to selling, then manage sales, and from there you can see active, delivered, complete etc.


No. There are somewhere recently delivered orders from a lot of other sellers, so you can see who and which work recently delivered, and so buyers also can see your recently delivered gig among them and probably choose you.


Meaning you haven’t ordered or delivered anything? To see all that info then you need to view the profile… Like this


:disappointed: No. I don’t know how to make it more clear. But I’ve seen this and I can’t find where to see this.


I have no idea what you’re talking about. You lost me.

I buy and buy like crazy here as in lots and lots. As a buyer, I’ve never heard or seen this page. Is this new.


I don’t know. But I liked to see new arrived gigs, to see who, how and what is doing.