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Where is Resolution Center?

How do I access the emails that I receive from Fiverr after I send them a message at the resolution center? This is really weird because I want to see the replies that they send me when I contact them directly. Where do I go to access this? Thanks.


Click on “Contact Support”, then click on “My Activities”. You should then get a list of support requests you’ve made and whether it’s Open. If you click on one, it should show any responses by Fiverr staff (if you were already on that page you might have to refresh it).

I think you should also get the responses via normal email (the email address associated with your Fiverr account).

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Thanks! That worked. However, I don’t see the message I most recently sent. Does this not show up? I assume they have not answered the message I most recently sent but I’m surprised a copy of my sent mail is not there.

If you created the message in a support ticket or the message thread of an existing support ticket, I think it should show there. I assume you didn’t send it in an actual email.

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