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Where is support team?

I submitted a ticket to support and 36 hours ago. No reply to my ticket.

It has never happened before. They are very fast and helpful. I don’t know what happened this time.

Is it happening only with me?

Nope. I sent mine in about the same time. The previous day it took 4 hours to respond to a ticket but 24 hours to give me a reply once I had given the answer! I am guessing they are under a lot of strain right now so its fine!

yeah may be while a buyer is asking to deliver what i don’t even offer! Have received a very few orders after his great reviews “thumb down” and another illogical one saying “no rank improve”.

Gave him a page long explanation and told him the facts but now he is not replying me!

How can I use credit on the fiverr? I ordered gigs previously but it cancelled by the seller and payments had been returned. The credit has been on the fiverr account but I don’t know how to use it. I asked this question before but I never got a satisfactory answer.

I would like to know the same thing please. I have $25 worth of credits but each time I place an order, it goes to my Damn Quick Pay and never even gives me the option to use my credits. Please help Fiverr support. Thank you. Dan

Reply to @ryangillam: They probabily should move up the priority of answered tickets, so the won’t have to face the problem again every time they read it.

Best Regards,

Justin :slight_smile:

I have used fiver and the last five times each seller has never completed my service by never even starting it. Each time I get a refund back in my box but I no longer want to use fiverr. How do I get my money put back on my card or paypal acct and not in my fiver inbox?