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Where is the Best place to advertise for your brand?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Other

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The best place to advertise your brand is wherever your customers are located – and this is different for every brand. Promoting social media sites as the “best place to advertise your brand” is actually a bad idea. Most people are NOT connected to their customer base on social media, so a poll like this just encourages people to think that social media is an instant solution to advertising. It isn’t.

There are no quick and easy places to advertise a business or brand.


ok… Maybe you could also add the following options- :wink:

  • None of the Above

and also,

  • Wherever my customers are located


I absolutely agree with you in that case.

That’s the main idea of advertising to expose your brand to new customers where ever you think is the right place for your brand (not for the already known base on your social media for that reason we don’t need ad)


I chose Other, partly for the reasons others mentioned. You want to be where your audience is, and unless you narrow down a lot further, none of the social media platforms you mentioned would be especially good or bad.

To get the best niche business from outside resources took me about a year. I spent a lot of time on forums like this one, but places were people discussed my niche a lot. I tried to choose ones where there were entrepreneurs who might need my service. I didn’t mention Fiverr or my services for months, I just posted helpful advice about my areas of expertise. Once people knew me on those forums, I started to drop in links to my Fiverr profile in a signature and I only picked forums where that was allowed.

Although I had to spend a lot of time on that, it was worth it. I made friends that enjoy the same things I do and I started to get orders from those sites. I still have regular buyers that came to me that way. It’s not fast or easy or something you can hire someone to do for you.

Giving advice in your niche on Quora can be good too, though again you have to be careful about trying to advertise too soon. Until people regard you as an expert you can be quickly banned from Quora for using it as nothing but an advertising platform.


I think it’s extremely important to showcase your skills before advertising yourself. That way your potential clients will know what you’re capable of and trust you to do the job well done.

Just asking- don’t you think that in the current “global world” we’re working in it’s a more difficult task? I mean, let’s take for an example building a website page. Any business should have one and uses one. But where your business is and where are the clients can be different places AND their niche can change how you would advertise your business also (website for cosmetics is a different one from wood factory etc.).


What ever you do there are forum related to it, just start posting some thing of value or start posting some comment which give some value to other, it is hard task.

And using social media for advertising does not work if you want to get lead.

but it does work if you want remind people, like reminding them of your services, if you want to use for that purpose go ahead and do it, but with fiverr it wont work as you can not place cokies in the user browser with your website you can do it. But than again how to promote your website so the people visit it and than you can place cokies?. Full circle complete! Hope you get the point

in short – Social media marketing work better to remind people about you.


I know this wasn’t addressed to me, more to @jonbaas, but it’s an interesting question. I would think it’s actually easier in our global world because it’s also a digital world. When I was a kid we didn’t have a TV and when we got one, the ads on it were expensive and only broadcast to the local region. Everyone picked up the signal via antenna. (Yes, I’m old.) Advertisers wanted to use TV because it’s a great medium, but you could only hope to reach people who could get the signal.

Now you only have to find a digital community where your buyers are. You get involved in that community and it eventually becomes advertising. It’s like being able to go to parties all over the world where you can chat with business people and hand out your digital business card.

Of course, TV has matured too and I now see commercials for products that are shipped from anywhere in the world, but I think small business has the same opportunities in amazing ways. In 1975 I never dreamed it might someday be possible to own my own “tv channel” on something like YouTube and do it for free.


Before starting up the company I think every entrepreneur should brainstorm very well to define the target customer and find the way of reaching out to them. Have you done with your business plan well? Social media is a great tool to promote any business. Before you approach, you have to understand which category of customers are there. If your products are for 25-50 years aged people you can advertise on Instagram. When your business is b2b, you can work on LinkedIn. Or, if mass people are your target, then promote on Facebook.


Advertising isn’t easy, nor should it be. Building a customer base takes time, no matter when and where you live. If it was easy, there would be no such thing as competition. And that would be a shame, since competition drives business and innovation to be better, more effective, and more efficient.

Appreciate the challenge, and you’ll appreciate the success even more.



Business plans and market research are key elements, but as my example before it’s getting harder to narrow it all down. I mean building a website is essential to all businesses, and you don’t want to “lose” costumers because you’re focussing on one niche. I have to say it’s not what my business is about but it’s a good example for what I’m talking about.

I couldn’t agree more with that point. Competition is a must to drive people to take challenges, to become more creative and innovative.


Being careful is a must. Because I posted some comments with valuable information. But moderator removed. My intention was just to advertise and they could understand that. Now I am not advertising anymore. Just trying to build a trust and earn few credits.


The place is customer driven , if it is art lovers, then pinterest or insta, if it relates to business, then OTHERS, if it relates to something that everybody needs, then it is Facebook. It always depends


Here it’s a closed community and market place, so your opportunity to advertise yourself is very strict. That goes well with the credits you can gain.