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Where is the best place to find buyer?

I have done 2 order but after that, I have not to get an order again Can anybody tell me where I can find buyers you can tell me something like a site, social platform forum, etc


First figure out who your target customers are, then research to find where they are located – where they can be found. We cannot tell you where your customers are, because we do not know who they are, what they need, or how YOU can solve their needs. You need to do your own customer research. Once you know who your target customers are, you’ll know how to answer your questions about where they are located.


People will share the generic social media sites. However, nobody will share their secret stash. Once it’s out there, it will become over-saturated like most websites. So, keeping it a secret for now. :shushing_face::mermaid:t4:


It’s up to you to find your secret :shushing_face: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :hole:


No, because you’re probably asking so you can spam them.

People don’t participate in forums or social media pages to get sales pitches.

There’s no general answer anyway. You have to be where your specific people are. And you have to figure out where that is.

There’s no magic place to be that will get you sales just by being there. You have to target your audience and market to what they want.

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Thanks for share this…:heart_eyes:

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Thanks for Your valuable comment.


thanks sir for answering my question