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Where is the buyer request section in Fiverr?

Hi, I searched the whole Fiverr website but I’m not able to find the “buyer request” section anywhere. Is it a bug or something I don’t know. Please tell me where can I find the buyer request section.



here you can find the buyer requests, but remember the fiverr have a specific time to show the requests, so keep checking after every half an hour to see the requests.
I hope it may helpful.


i think if your buyer request section is not show. you need adjust browser zoom. zoom out your browser make it 100% then you can find the the buyer request option.

This “more” option is not available to me.

Press ctrl -/+ to adjust the layout. You can also download and use the app in your phone to see the buyer requests.

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In your case:


Thanks man, it actually took me to buyer request section. However there’s no buyer request but I think they’ll appear soon.

keep in mind you should be using as selling mode

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Yeah thanks, got it.

Go to More option in dashboard then click buyer request!!!

Click on More option from Top Bar menu.