Where is the buyer requests?


Hey there! I’ve been here for about a month and still waiting for my first order (wish me luck, please) and I’ve heard a lot people saying that the buyer requests are really helpful and got their first order through it but whenever I search it I only find people saying that they will satisfy your buyer request but no actual buyers!! can anybody kindly explain what should I do or if I’m searching wrong?


Hi ,
go to selling>buyer request all the request will be shown there .


You’re not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately some categories are full of idiot sellers, and logo design happens to be one that people with no skills think they can do.

In buyer requests you only get to see requests in your gig category so I’d recommend having a few different gigs that can go in different categories, then you’ll see more requests and hopefully not so many of them will be sellers advertising their work without realising that buyers do not see the buyer request section, except for their own requests.

What buyer requests sorely needs is a report button.

Anyway, more gigs. :slight_smile: And good luck. I would also remove this line from your profile “but I still consider myself a beginner”. It might be honest but no-one’s going to hire a beginner when they can hire a ‘professional’ for the same price.


Thank you so much! I’ll go try that out.


I understand now, that is really disappointing but i hope they add a report button as you said or maybe have someone removing the sellers’ gigs.
Thank you so much for the advice! I’ll try my best to do better and add gigs that I can do.
I thought of being honest because I’m still improving my Photoshop skills and learning new things, my work and edits are good but not professional. but you’re probably right, I will work on changing that especially before I create a gig for Photoshop editing, that sentence will get any customer running away :joy:
and sorry if I replied late, that’s because I didn’t know that I get the notifications here (in the forums, I mean) :sweat: