Where is the buyers


:eye: Dear honorable Fiverr Forum members. Have a nice day to all.:eye:
Have not Fiverr need New arrival…
Are not Buyer’s helpful for New arrival…

Everyone asked for experience. I’m surprised about this question. From where we gather experiences.
I think all the New Arrival is more talented. All are ready to work.

I’m telling you, Sir, I’m 100% prepared for the job. I am waiting for your order. Please give a change.

My profile link : https://www.fiverr.com/lutfarrahman34
Don’t negate me, Sir.



You can gather experience remotely :wink:
Just show your previous work to the buyers and satisfy them with the quality of your work.


Thanks for your advice.


I see that you’ve used the word “Sir” are you only catering to MALE buyers? Say, for example, if I wanted to purchase your service this “Sir” term would turn me away.


I agree with that 100%.


They show up, it’s been a bit slow the past few days for me but they come eventually


More talented than the rest of us?
You’re offering social marketing service. Why don’t you promote your own gig in social media?

You might wish to double check your grammar. Buyers are reluctant to hire social media experts who have trouble with spelling.


I agree with you.I have the same condition.I have an experience but I have no job.


I know that brother.


Do you know that it’s not proper Forum etiquette to speak in another language? If, you want others to join the discussion at least translate the language into English for others to understand.

For example:

No Bueno, translation (no good)


Sorry Madam, i don’t know This rules.


Sorry Dear, I think there is no gender of “Sir”. i also think it i the most respectfully relation. If you are think its not right,so sorry.


Yes. We are in same condition. May we friend


“Sir” is the formal address given to males. The female equivalent would be “ma’am”


Don’t address me as “Dear” Nika or NikaVoice is perfectly fine. :egg: :coffee:

Besides, if you want both sexes to buy from you use unisex terms.