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Where is the Edit option on Fiverr Gigs Extras?

I need someone to help me.

I want to edit extra work for the client, but do not know where is the option.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I’ve noticed that on your feedback, we appreciate it. I hope very soon to sell customers fall as rain. :slight_smile:

Even I also have a same problem, I go to >> My gig >> Edite

but It doesn’t work so I don’t know what to do.

I ask for this help too.

Reply to @maruey: Entering editing gigs have to get out the option to change if you want.

But I also agree with the friend who previously responded!

good Luck.

What we have here is a Catch 22 situation. I would like to include additional services in my gig offering in the hope that I might thereby increase its appeal to potential clients. But Oldbittygrandma and arnevb inform us that I can’t edit my gig posting until I reach “Level One” (10 sales + great feedback + gig >1 month on fiverr). I’m trying to understand how this policy might benefit either fiverr or the person who offers a gig.

Thanks, kjblynx. As for gig extras, we live in hope.

So where is the editing area we click on? It was never answered…

go to your name> my sales> my gigs.

than click on the triangle beside your gig and click edit

go down and you will see gig extras.

change whatever you want and don’t forget to click save changes :slight_smile:

Hi, I go to name> my sales> my gigs but there is no edit option?

sorry - found it