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Where is the play button on my gig video thumbnail?


Have you try it?:necktie::necktie::necktie::necktie:


@dev_sal No, because then it would be just an image and not an actual link, yes? Just as the play button )which I did not put in the video) appears once you click on my thumbnail, the little play button in the upper right corner of my thumbnail should appear in the search results. I notice some (most?) have this and some don’t, but it is clearly an advantage to a seller if you can make it easier for a buyer to click on your thumbnail without having to leave the search results page. I honestly don’t think the play button is something you create yourself unless someone can tell me otherwise.


No but even if you upload an audio, you will get a play button.


@michaelkilliany @pixelano As I searched on fiverr every in very video have motion not only image. I think fiverr verify the video after uploading Is this motion video or Only Image. So Please make motion video then try. Like this here


I think that is not the case, even if you have a single image with audio then it will be treated as a video.


I never pointing you but I think is the case If you do like this So try you upload image video and then motion video after that inform us. we will appreciate you.


@dev_sal No, it does not have to be a motion video. Here is just one example:


You can find Bentley Michaels’ gig thumbnail on this page where you can see the play button is displayed.✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=american%20male%20voice%20over&search-autocomplete-original-term=american%20male%20voice%20over&offset=0&page=7&filter=auto


@dev_sal If you look randomly you’ll find numerous examples of single image (no motion) videos that have a play button on the gig thumbnail on the search page. That’s why I don’t understand why mine doesn’t have one.


You made me confused. I’m even finding your solution.


@dev_sal Sorry, I do appreciate you trying to help me. Thank you. I just don’t understand why some gig thumbnails show the video play button in the search results and some (like mine) do not. I don’t see anything in the settings.


Have you read this.

And try delete your video and again Upload.


@dev_sal No, I had not read that before but my video evidently does meet the requirements otherwise Fiverr would not have approved it. They have denied it in the past. Like I said it plays without a problem after clicking on my thumbnail which takes you to my gig page where you then have to click the play button. I guess I’ll try deleting and then uploading again if that’s my only option.


It could just be that it takes some time for the search engine to know that the gig has a gig info video (some time to update the index). What it was doing probably is just showing your gig image which happens to be the same as your video frame, so if it was just showing your gig image, that’s why the “play” icon didn’t show in the results page. Maybe just waiting a bit longer for the search index to update and know that the gig has a gig video would then allow the gig video preview image (and its play icon) to appear in the search results.


@uk1000 Thank you! I appreciate your perspective. Maybe I’m just lacking patience. Let’s wait it out and see what happens. I’ll post it here.


I heard back from Fiverr and I am feeling frustrated and perplexed. :confounded: My video is at least as good as many of the videos I have seen that they have approved. But as I said before, it appears as though they approved it because I never received the note on the gig page that it was denied- and it plays on my gig page. I’m not sure what to do at this point as to me it seems that my video meets their criteria, despite what they’re saying.

Nevertheless, here’s the email they sent me:

Important Information Regarding Your Gig Video

Dear michaelkilliany,
Thanks for uploading a video for your Gig ‘record a pro quality american male voice over’. Unfortunately, your video did not pass our editorial review due to the following:

** The visual quality is too low. Videos are an essential sales tool that enable you to connect with potential buyers. Please make sure that your video is:**
** - sized correctly to fit the full frame**
** - clear, sharp, in good focus and well-lit (not blurry, pixelated, too dark or washed out).**
** - represents the service you are providing**
** - original, meaning that you own the copyrights.**
** When using a smartphone, remember to film while holding your phone horizontally. Please re-shoot your video this way and resubmit.**

We invite you to fix these issues and upload your video again for review.
The Fiverr Team


I mean, what’s wrong with my video? Anyone else have this problem? Here’s the link to my gig page where you can see the “semi-denied/semi-approved” video:

Could it be the bit of black at the top and bottom, and maybe they’re saying it’s not sized correctly? To me it doesn’t look bad at all, but I’m wondering if this is what they’re taking issue with. Seems really nitpicky if that’s the case.


The “sized correctly to fit the full frame” seems to be the only one from that list that it might be, though that list is probably a template. Also surely people may want a more cinematic type video so may want black bars. You could try making it fill the 16:9 frame but I think what may likely be the issue is that it’s the same image throughout, except the tiny amount of black frames at the beginning. I think they probably want video that changes and is less static (ie. a video that isn’t mostly 1 static image throughout), even though other people have probably done something similar (having a video in that format). Technically they also mention copyrights - you should really confirm with your past client that you have their permission to use those clips for promoting.

You could ask CS in the support thread you created (if you created one) and ask them if the issue is the black bars or the static image (except for the black frames at the start) or both.

But, assuming you haver permission from your clients to use the audio clips, you could make it fit the full frame (even though it does seem nit picky) and add some motion (eg. text or whatever introducing the audio clips etc. , other visual elements might help (maybe add on screen waveform when it’s playing an audio clip, eg. audio waveform effect)).


when you click this your gig then you click on this image then you can see your hover video button


What do you know? They did it! Even after that letter, the gig video had already been approved and now they have added the play button on the thumbnail on the search results page. I’m very thankful. Maybe despite what Fiverr said, @uk1000 was right all along about just waiting a little longer.:slightly_smiling_face: