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Where is the problem

Hi dear all,
hope you are well.
I am trying to create a GIG under email category but fiverr don’t pass it and every time message me 3rd party TOS and suspicious try. But its normal when they don’t approve the GIG any one will try several times to create it. My new GIG is waiting for fiverr approval and the url is

Please tell me where is my mistake. If any mistake shows please let me know why fiverr don’t approve this type of GIG.

thank you

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If Fiverr has denied your gig and given you the reason you will risk your account by keeping on creating another gig for the same thing. If you type “fiverr denied my gig” in the search bar above you will find lots of posts on the subject.

No. Fiverr didn’t denied. fiverr not pass from their review team.

Sounds like the same thing to me. Read the posts as suggested.

Here you go