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Where is the problem? 😕

No new messages…!
No new orders…!

This is the 1st time I’m facing this kind of situation since 2011. Normally I have completed more than 5-15 orders on daily basis and now I’m not getting any single message/order.

Is there a problem with Fiverr? OR the buyers are leaving the Fiverr now?
Where is the problem really exists?


New here …but facing the same problem…no orders for pat 12 days.

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I think its because of World-cup football 2018

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I think, It’s because of High service fee and Service fee on sellers too. Most of Low budget buyers are leaving to here :smile:


There should be a reason for that.

Yes… true!!! I saw there are so many disappointed messages in the forum too.

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In June, I earned less than a third of what I earned in May. It’s that bad.

I think part of the problem for some who have posted on this thread is that in “Logo Design” there are 51,388 gigs on Fiverr. It seems like that is the area that many new sellers are going into. :thinking:

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Actually there was more than 100,000 gigs in LOGO cat in 2017 but there wasn’t any problem.

I like Josh’s answer in this thread. :wink:

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I already replied to it.

This is how we earned now.

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Since my sales are up in June with several new buyers even though I was OOO for a week I cannot agree there is a problem I the area I work in. :confused: However, I did notice that some logo designs come up under proof reading, so maybe some of those logo design sellers have place their gigs under the wrong category? :thinking:

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Yes there is some problem but did not know where is, but there may be like that is i have heard here,
Some say that they increase the fees so buyer said it costly for us to purchase the services,
Second some says that it will goes till the ends of July,
Third they have changes their policy also a search algorithm,

I am also facing this issues i have completed 4k Plus order ,
But in this month or two i have not getting any order nor message from new client,

So i do not know what is happening here and what is the actual problem,


I can only confirm- people are simply not buying anymore (at least not from me :)). I’m in the medical writing. Except a few loyal customers, just a few new buyers showed up in June. It all started in May. I hope it will get better soon.

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Not even any inquiries are done from the buyer:thinking:

We all have the same problems with the orders… my impression,clicks,orders are on a lower status than before, everyday I had messages and interests from buyers…

Seem fiverr hurting itself recently launch all those unnessary updates and rules, fees, they are too aggressive and impatient. Fiverr used to be fun and proud doing business here you know? Now I can’t really recommend people fiverr with all the new rules & fee. Sigh


Sometimes with no category, they don’t even select. N/A is written there.

Yeah!! of course…