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Where is the resolution centre?

Placed my first order, but seller has sent something which is NOTHING like I wanted (I explained in detail). Seller has said they can’t do any better, so I requested a cancellation and a refund. BUT…i still want to contact the resolution centre to cover myself (as a huge buyer of e-bay items, that’s taught me to) I can’t find the resolution centre anywhere on the app??? Anyone??? Thanks in advance.

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If by resolution center you mean Customer Support, here’s the link to make a ticket and contact them.

If you’re trying to find Customer Support from the app, you’ll find it in the side bar 2 lines below settings :slight_smile:… --> Help & Education --> (scroll down a bit) and click “Contact Us”

Hope that helps!


Thank you to all talking the time to respond, much appreciated. :blush::blush:

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