Where is the ''Resolve'' button to Cancel old incomplete orders?


Good morning,

As per the article in Fiverr Customer Support located here:


I have a very old order where the buyer never sent any order instructions but the clock as not begun yet. Now I want to clear-out this old incomplete order but I cannot find the exact location of this Resolve button so I can cancel this order without any negative effects to my level badge and ratings; as stated in the above article.

Thank you for your assistance.



I actually had CS cancel one a bit back, but this was under v2. I contacted CS and asked them how I go about cancelling it. They said they would remove it and it would not effect my levels at all since the order had never started because no information was provided.


That is good to know because I wondered what would happen in that case because I had one buyer that I had to nudge so far and I did not know what I could do if he had not responded.


Thank you everyone for replying so promptly to my inquiry. I only want to get rid of it because I like a -clean field- when I work and this little incomplete order is just lingering around when I look at my Active Sales under Manage Sales and is just bugging me.

But! I am so very grateful that is all I have to worry about in the Fiverr sales system. Everything else has been moving along smoothly thus far… (and now I’m going to do a little jig so I don’t jinx myself).

Thanks again @madmoo, @kjblynx, @est1990 and @belgianwriter!!!