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Where is the tip I was given?

I recieved a tip with my last order, but I don’t see that in my earnings area or added to my total. Is there some reason for that?


Did you check your pending clearance? It should show up as a separate line even if it’s not displayed in earned on order page


I agree with @mariashtelle1, the tip appears as a separate line and not as part of the order income. At first that confused me too. :slightly_smiling_face:


OK. The only things listed in my Earnings are “Order Revenue”, “Funds Cleared”, and “Funds Pending Clearance”. Since for now Im only charging $5, all these amounts are $4. The tip was $5, does Fiverr keep some of that too, so that looks like $4 on my side? Are Tips labeled as “Order Revenue” or as “Tips”? There isn’t any separate line from what I see. But I will keep looking and trying to see if I am missing anything. Thank You!

Yes, Fiverr takes 20% of every tip. Tips are listed as order revenue.

Ok Thank you! Im still looking to see what I missed. But that definitely answers an important question.

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I think I have figured it out! Thank y’all! I wish they listed the tips separately or labeled them differently. But the dates can help me get that part matched up also.

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Exact, it has been same for me this morning when my sugar lady tiped me again.

Lately, I have had buyers place larger orders than needed for the price for word I offer in my gigs. I think it is because they want to tip me but avoid the tip fee. :thinking: