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Where is the work?

Hi guy’s
I had completed my first order a few days ago, that was great work with excellent review. But, after that, I am not getting any orders. Please suggest to me, how can I get more sell on Fiverr?

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You can promote your gig as much as you can and try to be active here more.

Offer services more-niche specific so you have less competition and be patient. It takes time to start receiving orders regularly on Fiverr, and sometimes there are periods of no-orders. Happens to everyone.

Hope, you will get order again.

Fiverr does not guarantee orders just because sellers host gigs here. If you want more sales, you need to research and understand your target customers, reach out to them, and convince them to hire you. You need to EARN your orders. They don’t appear just because any of us want them.

What action do you think YOU can take to bring in new target customers?

Good Luck to you.
I had the same. On my first 4 days 4 orders. Then nothing.
Keep active :slight_smile: