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Where my topics gone?

I have written 2 topics 3 or 4 days ago but I can’t find them now, even in my topics list?
I have 3 support tickets open and one is more than 2 days old but there is no response! ):
What the hell is going on?

By topics, do you mean Support Tickets? I think you might from the second part of your post. There was an issue with the ticketing system earlier (unrelated to forum problems) but it should be back up now. It is possible the Zendesk problems created difficulties for the Support representatives and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are delays. 48 hours is not an unusual time to wait for a ticket response, so due to the issues please be patience for another day or two. They will get to you when they can.

Don’t send more than one ticket on a single issue or you will cause more delays since the tickets may go to multiple representatives and cause confusion. Multiple tickets on the same issue is a form of spam and can result in ticket closure.

Thanks for your suggestion but what about the topics disappeared from this forum?

The forum crashed and burned. Lots of things are missing, most of it no value. It’s probably reset to a backup from the 11th or so.

I thought I had been banned.

Search planes are still out looking for most of it. Survivors are being found here and there. Rescue efforts are underway.

This should be a timely reminder to “I paid someone $5 to change my site but I made no backup and they maliciously deleted it what can I do!” people.

Backups are useful!

I kept getting a 502 error for the forum while my ISP was having a fit of the vapors so I spent a lot of time swearing into thin air. Well, not quite, my neighbor commented on my loud vocabulary earlier today.

I still got all my goddamn work done though

Ah, good to know, I´d been looking if there´d been a reply to a comment of mine and couldn´t find it. Was scratching my head, wondering on who´s toes I´d trodden.

Yes, preach.
The importance of backups can never be underestimated.

I had a website translation job a while ago. It was easier to just look at the site itself for that. When I was about half through with it, suddenly I got an error of the ‘your IP has been banned from this site’ kind. I got quite a shock, but then remembered I´d copypasted the site already some place safe before starting.

You were banned, but the forum got messed up and unbanned you. So, we’ll just pretend you didn’t say that horrible thing that got you banned.

(FYI to all - I am kidding. Misscrystal was never banned on purpose, but the forum has been up and down and we seem to have lost some posts.)

To the OP and everyone: I doubt the posts are actually entirely gone although I’m kind of guessing. The forum team was informed that some intended work on the forum had gone wrong and the forum had some problems. A few hours later, it appears that there has been some kind of slight rollback.

I can’t be sure if they will try to restore any missing posts or not. I do not think the work is finished, so if you post something that you feel is critical, you might want to keep a text copy for yourself. Never hurts!