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Where my work is wrong

I have sending a buyer request but can’t find a job. please tell me what can I do?

Most BR are totally unwinnable. Assuming that you could/should win them is mistake number one.

If you cannot see how terribly messed up most BR are, you are not understanding how to make a proper business.

Reading this thread may help you to see how useless many BR really are:
Every Music Buyers Request Ever - Fiverr Music & Audio - Fiverr Community Forum

Ignore that it is about music things but look at the pattern of people expecting a Ferrari for $5. Wanting a specific job done but offering no information to allow anyone to actually deliver that job properly… Also, the plain bad manners and abusiveness that people think will make others want to work with them (usually for nothing).

Decide then how important it is to win such jobs from such people and you may reassess how important BR really are.


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thanks for your information