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Where\'s My Happy Happy Thread? [ANSWERED]

Huh? Mods?

As it probably says when you try to go to it, it’s unlisted or removed while Pending Review. There is no need to post things like “where is my post?” Posts are removed if there are complaints made to the moderators, to staff, or if there are other questions about it. Sometimes they come back and sometimes they don’t. After some recent controversial threads that have upset users, moderation has unfortunately tightened. If it returns, you can see it with any notes or edits that have been decided upon.

Other posts that went into the same subject matter as yours did have also been removed, Pending Review. Conversations posts are not typically on Fiverr topics, so they are left for review until last if there is a queue of review threads that are related to this site.

If this question arises again, don’t forget to look back here: