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Where should gig marketing in social media?

We know that gig marketing increase impression or order. Also we know we have to gig marketing in social media. But i want to know Where should gig share in social media like any group, page, in any viral content comment box where ?
I think you understand which we want to know !

Please Share your success experience.
Advance Thank you :kissing_heart:


You shouldn’t. Set up a good gig and wait. That’s what you pay Fiverr 20% for, the marketing and lead generation.

Social media marketing must be done well, otherwise it’s best not to do anything. Not everyone has what it’s needed to do it effectively either - authority / money / following. Judging by your question, you’re better off not doing anything.

Personally, I have never done any social media marketing for my gigs. Seems to have worked our rather well for me :slight_smile:


I got some impression but not much from social media. But, it’s helpful. If you can write content you can get something better result.

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Share gig on social media properly.

And what does that mean? What is “sharing properly”?