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Where should I promote my gig

Say I’m new on fiverr and I didn’t use twitter/facebook before. What is the benefit to share the gig in my social account where there are not enough friends/followers?

If I want to get the actual follower that means the man who actually want to buy my services.,…what should I do?
Where do i get the follower on the twitter?
What is my work If I am new on fb and twitter?

Please suggest me. Thanks :slight_smile:

I quite honestly think fiverr does a great job of promoting gigs themselves, get your key words right, make a great description and always add a video. If you want to promote outside of fiverr #hashtags #are #your #best #friend. Also try hitting up Reddit.

Let me google that for you:

Thanks for your reply

Actually I know about how to promote but my question is if my followers number haven’t enough, then what should I do.

First you have to love your job.

You can not rely on traffic from fiverr, if you are new gigs will sink to the bottom of your search.

Share on social media can help you at the gigs saw many users of social media.

Tips for success is to work and never give up.