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Where should i promote my gigs?

hey guys I’m a new seller and i want to know how can i promote my gigs outside fiverr because i have done all kind of promotion like facebook, youube ,google plus etc and have not got any results .I’m getting all my sales by replying buyer requests .

Isn’t that obvious? I don’t even know why the OP is lacking sales. This paradox seems to be harder to solve than time travel.

“I will send 35000 REAL Visitors web traffic From Google for $5”…

Why don’t you “send 35000 REAL visitors web traffic from Google” to your Fiverr gigs? Maybe adding some extras too. I’m sure you can have customers even if you’re only having 0.01% conversion.

Or a more solid way is to build a website, and still use your own gig on your website, so you’re getting sales more indirectly.

Make sure you also promote your gigs offline. Post flyers, pay for print advertising and pass out business cards in person. There will be less direct competition.

its so hard to sell an item on here when your new i get good sales with my gigs on other sites not on here as proviceworks states alot of competition

because the sellers with more experience get more visibility

You are offering services here that a LOT of sellers offer. The competition is huge with your specific service. And I think a lot of people are weary of services like yours as well. I personally used one once and within months the FB “likes” that were supposed to be real began declining because the accounts were basically fake even though they were “real”. You will have to rely on heavy social media promotion and Buyer requests as you have been doing or possible think of something else you can add in to your services that all the other sellers are not offering.

You can try forums too.

Use my Fiverr Gigs to promote your gigs…

Yes it is true, i personally dont like using bot traffic because they can’t convert. I want to say that social media do works, however, you got to be patient and keep at it.

Reply to @willpower_hk: thanks, I have done that too but not every one know about fiverr in the world.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks I will try that.

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