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Where should I report?

If a buyer gives me a contact number, where should I report? from the inbox directly or from “submit a request”?
A buyer just gave me his number without any notice in the first text. I haven’t yet replied. I am already on my second TOS warning. I don’t want to lose my account. Please tell me what would be the appropriate way of dealing with this.


There is a flag button when you hover on the name of the buyer!
If you click that specific points are there to submit,

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Are you sure that’s where to report? because the last time I reported from there I received a warning.
Though now think it’s probably because I replied. I only said that “it is not permitted to contact outside fiverr”

Yep, that’s how you report a message!

Hmm, you shouldn’t have got a warning for saying that. Did you try contacting CS and letting them know exactly what you said? They might be able to remove the warning.

Hope that helped! Thanks!

Just say…It is violation of rules & Regulation to contact outside the fiverr.