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Where should I share my gigs?

This is directed towards successful sellers on Fiverr.

What is your favorite, most efficient, way getting your gigs to the eyes of your customers, aside from Facebook, Twitter, etc.


@silberma1976 Agreed! I reported it as spam…and I’m sure I’m not the only one

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It’s hard, because when you share your gig, most of the time it’s just a link. Watch any YouTube vid or visit any Facebook group and you can see thousands of people post links to their gigs in the comments section. That means nothing. Nobody’s going to click on a random link they see on social media, especially when there are hundreds of other spammy links around it.

The best way to share your gig is by providing value. Make a YouTube vid yourself, offering tips on beat creation or something, then link to your own gig at the end. Create a free blog about something musical and add in your gig link as a hyperlink. This is the only way you’re likely to get clicks from elsewhere.

There are so many people on Fiverr now that social media has been spammed to death. Unless you’ve got your own clients, it’s not that successful a place to advertise coldly.


My most successful method for meeting new customers is sharing my content in related communities on Google+. I know G+ doesn’t seem like much compared to Facebook, but it’s got a massive and growing population of users. Find an engaged community and share your content there. I’ve found that a lot of people don’t +1 or share my content, but from the traffic and sales I’m making I know they’re converting.


Great! Thank you guys for the input!


You can share your Gigs here under ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ categories (

and then, the best way to share your gig is to use Social medias like Facebook,Youtube,G+,Twitter and others. You can also promote your gigs through paid advertising, depends on You.

However, make sure you’ve made your gigs Perfect and actually useful for your targeted buyers with proper information.

Killing Tips: Video brings more sales than non-video gigs.

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I think social media site is the best for share your gig… and if you get some traffic for those site,then Fiverr give priority for your gig and bring it recommendation page, and it’s not need to sell your gig. Just give some traffic from social media site for your gig. If you do it and Fiverr bring your gig on recommendation page you must get some sell.

I have also some tips and tricks about social media. I will post a article about it and about last month I trying this way and I get little bit success in Fiverr business.


You can make an page, add some relevant keywords, and then advertise your Fiverr gig on your page. Having a nice picture and a well-written biography helps :). Some of my first orders were from my page. My page is quite popular and gets a lot of traffic.


Thank You all for your feedback. I hope this information shall greatly help me in promoting my Stand-Out and Unique Astrology / Numerology / Occult gigs on fiverr.

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Fiverr encourages buyers to share their gigs in different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even whatsapp. use wisely all these options to promote your gigs and hopefully you will start to build your audience and potential buyers.

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Hi, thanks for sharing, what kind of communities you follow on G+? I really need to get my bussiness going

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I am new to Fiverr, so this thread was certainly insightful.

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Neither, I just do good work, get good reviews, and the orders keep coming in. Social media is a waste of time, if you’re a logo designer, where are you going to share your work? On a graphic design page full of logo designers? On a page for new business owners? Social media only works if someone else is sharing your links for you. You made a client happy, he shares your link with his friends. That has more power than you spamming all over the web.

I hate to disappoint you, but I don’t know anyone who’s making a killing thanks to social media. My favorite graphic designer was featured on the Fiverr blog, however, he was already making a killing before that happened.


You can promote them via blogs, social media, forums, you tube, Quora, keywords, tags, social bookmarking sites, slideshare. I have not used all these on my end but I see there are possibilities here.


I do not understand that where i share my gig
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Think about the niche you are in. I mean you do videos so you may want to create a youtube channel to display what you’ve already done (ask client’s permission) or may be a site where people go for video editing advice, help them and shere your links (I mean, I do Excel programming gigs, and I’ve been meaning to go to stackoverflow -a site for programming help- to give tips and link my account)

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Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

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This is very helpful, thanks for sharing

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I am sharing fb, twitter and globalshare

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