Where should the completed to cancelled orders ratio start to be alarming?



I have 190 completed orders (and a few others on the way) and 8 cancelled orders (6 are mutual cancellations, 2 are cancelled by admins).

When should I start to worry?

For some reason, this is the second time in the last two weeks that someone orders and doesn’t provide any info nor do they reply to my messages.

I am very understanding, I kindly ask them to provide me the information I need to start working for them OR let me know if they ordered by mistake so that we can activate the order and request a mutual cancellation. I am being COMPLETELY ignored and I have no idea why. :frowning:

Have you gone through this? Also, does anyone have a lot more cancellations and their accounts are still fine? I’m thinking of contacting support again to cancel this incomplete order but at the same time, I’m worried about having trouble with my ratings.

Thank you, Fiverr…ers! :slight_smile:

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As Bacha said, anything under 10% should be fine. I have 50 cancellations, but I also have 1324 orders completed (more on the way soon). So that’s only 3.8%.

Stay away from cancellations, but in my opinion a refund to the buyer is better than a negative feedback. So, in that particular case, a cancellation is your best bet. :wink:

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


Thank you both!

It bugs me though that us sellers get to risk our ratings because some other people order accidentally or they request things that were never even mentioned in our gigs.

Not that I’m mean or anything, but I believe it is them whose ratings should suffer because of not being careful/not respecting a seller’s gig description.

Basically a seller can deliver 100%, satisfy all customers and still get lower rating because some people haven’t had their coffee yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


@carlaism Yeah, that sucks. But don’t worry right now. Your cancellation rate is roughly 4.3%.

Let’s hope you don’t get many more cancellations any time soon. :slight_smile:


I have 197 completed orders and 30 cancelled (only one requested by me, others because buyer ordered by mistake or because buyers didn’t provide instructions).

Well, luckily I still have Level 2 and one of my gigs is featured…



Reply to @s_sayan: Thanks @s_sayan for your reply!

This usually has nothing to do with negative feedbacks and such. I tend to deliver exactly what my buyers want (they also know what they’re getting from my work samples, gig typed/video descriptions).

I’ve never been through the situation of cancelling an order because a buyer was unhappy with my work. There have just been silly mistakes on the buyers’ end.

It’s usually just people who order by mistake OR who have “sci-fi” requests that I am simply not willing to do (and recently, people who leave orders incomplete and never reply).

Congrats on your high number of orders and good luck with your sales! :slight_smile:


Reply to @mark74: Thank you, you made my day! :smiley: So close to my number of completed orders and so many more cancellations AND Level 2 AND 100% rating. Yay!

That’s really cool, I also have a featured gig. Good luck with your sales and hopefully, your “gig visitors” will stop buying by mistake. :slight_smile:


I have been here 2 years. I have ohhhhhh i don’t know 128 cancelled overall and 853 completed. All I can say is stay away from force cancels t all costs and don’t have more than like 10-20 a month or you will lose your level.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Thanks for the advice. I have no forced cancellations so far. :slight_smile: