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Where should we share the gig?

Can we share the gig on forum section?

There are many options to share your gig @ishfaqt . They are facebook, pinterest, instagram,twitter and maybe one or two more. If you will share your gigs here, your gigs will get more views, can say double. And maybe you will receive a gig order from these social medias.
Its a very nice feature. Go try it now!

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You mean here My fiverr gig section ?

When you open any one of your gig, youā€™ll find a ā€˜share your gigā€™ option written just below edit gig. There you will find options where you can share your gig.

Thanksā€¦but there are social plate forms for sharing. I ust want to as that can I share the link here in discussionā€¦will there any side effect or not according to fiverr form conditions?

You cant share your gig anywhere in the forum except the My Fiverr Gig section.

Post what people want to see, not what you want people want to see. People use the forum for insights, not to see promotional things injected into conversations.


Thatā€™s right. You cannot share your gig on forum. It is not allowed.


You said true therefore, I was just askingā€¦

Yup, Actually I saw a post there was link of a gig i don`t know who she was but when I tried to open that it was redirect to fiverr home pageā€¦

I think you need to talk to @discobot :sweat_smile:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

It is because of the profile which we fill in basically.

Hahahaha:grinning::grinning::grinning:: No thanks

I saw your profileā€¦You did not sell any of your gigā€¦

Coming to the point, It is not allowed @ishfaqt.

how to share gig in instagram and pinterest?

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You can copy your gig link and paste it on your profile, also you can click on instagram icon present below, besides the currency icon where you select the currency like USD, INR, etc. Follow the fiverr insta page.
Same is with pinterest.
It is more efficient to share your gigs on facebook and twitter.