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Where the heck do you see total cancellations?


Just curious. I’d do a search but I am on my phone as my hubby will be asleep for a few more hours :confused: also, I know cancellations affect going up in levels. I just had someone buy my gig and then it was cancelled by fiverr admin five minutes later… I didn’t even have a chance to mutually cancel it. How is this going to affect my cancellations rating? :frowning:


You can view total cancellations on the “manage gigs” page, in your case, it would be here:

Cancellations, no matter what type, can effect your level - however, this is usually in the case of a large percentage. If you keep this level below 5%, it shouldn’t effect you leveling up.

I have a feeling demotions are manual, as I know a TRS who was demoted with 25% cancellations, but also know other TRS’ who claim 25% cancellations, but haven’t been demoted.

I believe it also takes timeframe into consideration. For example, you may have 5 cancellations, and 100 completed - but 5 cancellations in a row would be more damaging than a cancellation every 20 orders.


Hey MrsPanda :slight_smile:

There are lots of discussion on cancellations here are some good one for you:


Wayne :slight_smile:


So this random cancellation will negatively affect me even though I didn’t even have a chance to SEE it? I literally woke up, saw a new gig request, and then fiverr admin cancelled it 5 minutes later. I’m supposed to hit level 1 any second. Thanks, random buyer with no gigs -.-


It’s unfortunate, like Twistedweb123 says all cancellations count even if they are initiated by the buyer, You’re not alone, we all have them, I loose sleep over them sometimes !


Reply to @mrspanda: it can effect you, but it shouldn’t if you carry on completing gigs.

In this case, your type of cancellation happens when a buyer initiates a PayPal chargeback, or PayPal withholds the payment. Whilst the buyer will probably go unscathed this time, if they continue this, their account is usually suspended.

Fiverr doesn’t alert you to these cancellation types, as they are automatic. They did for a brief period, but then stopped again.

P.S. Based on your 39 orders in your queue, you should hit level 1 easily, regardless of this cancellation


Reply to @twistedweb123: Great advice !


Reply to @twistedweb123: thanks. And thank you for the tip too! Yeah I have 90 gigs completed but I read a few threads where people dropped levels due to one or two cancellations! I dunno if they’re exaggerating the low number leading to the level drop so I guess I’m getting a little paranoid


You’re welcome :), thought it might help at up those completed orders.

One of two negatives can effect you, if you are on the cusp of a level, but with 39 orders and a 6 day leadtime, you’re already level 2 material, you just need to have your selling account long enough to be able to upgrade :slight_smile: