Where the hell is my gig?


I published my gig about 1 week ago and I could not find it even when I type in search tool my username…
here my gig link: https://■■■■■■/Yd1p5m
also check my another gig:



Have you tried to promote yourself on Fiverr?

Some tips:

  • Try utilizing the buyer request section to gain a new sale.
  • Having more gigs will provide you with more chances of having someone purchase from you.
  • Sales or gig placements don’t happen overnight.
  • Research what others are doing, and refine your gig.

@offlinehelpers I doubt this is the reason, in all honesty.
2.0 > @offlinehelpers I completely understand that but imagine if every new seller demands gig placements etc. and suggests that the Fiverr search is not working because there gig isn’t coming up in search results.

@grizmatik Your gig can take 15 minutes before it’s in Fiverr’s search and upwards of many hours.


Just to let you know, you can’t find gigs by typing in usernames into the search box.

If it’s a new gig, did you look in your category under “New Arrivals”?


I don’t talk about sales, only what I want to see my gig on the site thats all ))))


I just tried searching for instagram hashtags and couldn’t find it, so thought it was a possibility.


I searched everywhere but it’s not


and what do you think?
just wait little bit or write to CS?


You can search by username, and I can’t find that either, so yes, i probably would drop CS a nice message just to ask if there’s a problem somewhere - good luck!


I did a search - it’s not in any results. You can send a message to support.

When did you create this gig? Also, if you made recent changes, it has to be approved by Fiverr.


Guys I wanna ask you to review my Gig and write here in comments
what do you think, what you will change or everything is ok?

Gig url: https://■■■■■■/Yd1p5m

also my second gig: https://■■■■■■/OIZOH5