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Where to advertise or promote our Gigs for maximum potential? [RESOLVED]


Does anyone have any tips on the best places to promote our Gigs? I feel like doing AdWords would be too expensive and social networks don’t seem to be doing it for me. My Gigs consist of hosting banner ads for people on my website. Check them out here: http://fragglesrock

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There are now useful answers throughout this thread and in other forum posts. Thread closed.


Hey dude,

I think I have some tips for you. I think these are the best tips to promote your Gigs outside of the Fiverr in other word, Self-Promotion.

★ Create a WordPress self hosted blog about your Services you provide on Fiverr.

★ Then start writing many articles about your services such as,

:heavy_check_mark: Benefits of the service.

:heavy_check_mark: Features of the service.

:heavy_check_mark: Why they need to choose you. - Unique Point of you.

:heavy_check_mark: Your Bonuses and Giveaways.

:heavy_check_mark: How to use your services to maximum benefit of the buyer, it might be getting traffic etc.

:heavy_check_mark: How to use your services to Resell.

:heavy_check_mark: Purpose of your services and so on. I think you got the point :wink:

★ Now when you completed creating content for your blog, you need to start Search Engine Optimization of your blog. There are 2 SEO types namely OnSite SEO & OffSite SEO. I’m offering OnSite SEO Services for WordPress Bloggers. >>

★ Do both OnSite SEO & OffSite SEO well and securely. Wait at least 3 months, see your traffic blown by Google and other major Search engines which would easily converted to your sales as they are finding it. :slight_smile:

★ You need to write such content regularly at least you have 200 Super Duper Posts. Also every article should be consist with OnSite SEO and OffSite SEO.

★ Then after completing SEO thing and Content Writing thing, You need to jump into Social Medias.

★ Use Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Create Fan pages and accounts on them to increase the reach of your Blog.

★ If you start today this process, I can guarantee you’ll have more than 5 sales per day. The number would be depend on the area you have your Gig.

I think you understood my words well. Hope you will skyrocket your Sales on Fiverr

Good Luck dude!



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I usually make twitter accounts with the keyword name of the gig in the title and name of my twitter account. I then go follow hundreds of people that would be interested in buying the gig. (I follow a few hundred people every day)



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Try to list down blogs with the same/similar niche. Join groups, forums etc to find those blog owners. Contact their admin or use their contact form on their blogs. And offer your services. Let them know the benefits they would reap with such a low cost of $5 from your gigs. It’s a bit of work but I think it will work out. Just a suggestion :)>-


Good Idea!


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: Cracking Idea brother! But we need to find medium quality Blog owners, since super bloggers won’t need to buy services. :wink:


Reply to @scorpiondark: Hi there your reply looks cool but I’m wondering what is a self hosted blog? can you give me a clue please


You can try to post about your gig on forums, on youtube etc.etc. There are numerous ways online if you search and work a little on it you will get more sales soon :slight_smile:


Yeah if you have a twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube, or any other social network you should be promoting your gigs on there.


Also find blog posts that have something to do with your gig and contact the owner about working with them to do some promotional posts


I use Twitter mostly.


I think Twitter works the most. i don’t know for you, but for me, twitter make my promotions soo good :slight_smile:


Hello Everybody,

There are so many ways to promote your Fiverr Gigs. Normally we could divide Promotion part to two categories called Inside Fiverr Promotion & Outside FiverrPromotion.

Inside Fiverr Promotion

This is the way that showing Fiverr System that you're Real In The Game, that you're super in action and so on.

★Replying every incoming messages within an hour would show Fiverr System you're fast in your action. So automatically Fiverr System promotes your gigs inside of Fiverr by putting your gigs to high in search pages, putting your gigs to first page etc.

★Send professional replies to every RELATED gig requests from Request Gig Green Box which is situated right side of the site. When you being Professional in your offer message you have better chances of getting sales. Don't beg to him by saying unwanted things. Being professional in your message adds more trust and respect to you by him.

★Deliver every order in super fast mode. No matter how many days you have put in delivery time, It may be 24hours or it may be 10days. Just do super deliveries at all the time. If it's a 24hour gig try to deliver it within the first 3hours after buying it. But If it's a 10day gig or whatever try to deliver it within 1.5days :D

★Do tons of Self-Promotion which I would write below now :P Showing that you're doing your own promotion to your gigs, Fiverr system starts adding scores for those gigs, Feel the power of self-promotion. Once you started doing, You'll start getting many orders from your efforts and of course Fiverr System efforts comes directly :)

So many things to write but I have to do some self-promotion for my gigs.

Outside Fiverr Promotion.

★Use Twitter- By shortening links, facebook, pinterest and youtube.
★Get lots of Retweets, shares, repins, views for your tweets, messages, pins and videos.
★Create facebook fan page and get tons of fans by follow to follow system sites.
★Send email message to your Blog, Company, Business email list.
★Create a blog about your Fiverr Gigs and do SEO for it. I can help you in OnSite SEO, check out my gig here >>fragglesrock
★Attach a services page to your Company blog, Personal Blog or whatever blog and write a cracking post about your services on fiverr, of course do SEO :P
You can get an idea of 'fragglesrock' by my blog. Because I do only Onsite SEO here. :)
★Use classified sites.
★Use Forums

There are tons of things to write, But I'll write all those tons in my Fiverr eBook. So let's wait until it comes out probably next year January or February

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  • make Youtube videos featuring your gigs
  • advertise your gigs on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • share on your blog and/or Tumblr
  • promote other sellers (I’ve found that if you suggest good sellers and help them out, they often return the favor)
  • create a Facebook fanpage dedicated to your gigs
  • I sometimes email websites that I see could use some improvement, and offer my services to them, directing them to my fiverr page…you never know, often times people just don’t know where to go to get the help they need!
  • and, like with all things, word of mouth goes a long way, especially with people already looking to support you. Tell your family and friends. <3


Thanks scorpiondark for great tips…


Marketing on Social Networking sites has been mentioned and I do ALL of them but another thing I do is check the “Gig Request” section. If someone is looking for something I can help them with, I message them along with the link to the gig that fits their request.

I also have lot’s of Gig Collections. I fill them with some of the best sellers in each category. I do mostly video work and I specialize in cartoon animation and am now doing speed drawings. Often a buyer may need a voice over or help writing a script or a number of other things so I will send them a link to my collection and may even offer a suggestion of a couple sellers from the list that they should try first based on what they are looking for. Offering this kind of extra help to a buyer causes them to think of you as their FIVERR GO TO person which means they will ALWAYS contact you first knowing that if you can’t help them, you probably know who can.

Also a tip about marketing on social networking sites. It is best to promote yourself by promoting others as well. Nobody wants to hear about your same 20 gigs everyday so post links to a variety of other great sellers gigs and get involved with other Fiverr Social Networkers that do the same thing and your gigs will get promoted by them as well… It’s a win win for everyone.


Since the original post mentioned conversion rate — I noticed also very recently that I have a very high conversion rate compared to the average online endeavors. So I decided to try advertising one of my gigs with google analytics, because I saw that if I could get clicks for under 15 cents, I should be able to make money.

However - after 200+ clicks to my gig page, after which I would have expected on the order of 10 to 20 gigs based on conversion rate, I got zero. On top of that, while adwords reported over 200 clicks, the number of views of the gig reported by fiverr went up maybe 10-20 in number. What this tells me is that the number of views counted by fiverr and shown in the stats may be off by a factor of 10, which would mean that the conversion rate is nowhere near as good as I thought.

I find fiverr to be innovating more than looking inward at existing infrastructure issues, so thats why I suspect that fiverr and not google click reporting is the issue here.

End result - adwords didnt really work out. But - I’m happy to provide adwords coupons to any seller who wants to try it for their own gig, just message me via fiverr. The coupons I have are $100 promotional codes that you enter when you sign up, but do require you pay $25 to start. (I’m a google engage adwords promoter so have access to these). Note however that these only work for USA accounts that are brand new


*.i think youtube is the best way to promote your can make a video and add it to youtube.

*.another ways are facebook and twitter.


Reply to @scorpiondark: Exactly!!


Reply to @muir1959: Self-Hosted blog is a blog which hosted on a Paid Server. It’s not a Free Blogspot or WordPress one.