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Where to connect to my customers

I am a mechanical engineer and have experience in editing STL files ,3d printing,CNC machining,mechanical design too. Where can i find more customers in this field?

Does anyone have some advice?


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On Fiverr, You don’t have to hit the audience. Fiverr Platform isn’t designed this way. Your work will be only to make catchy gigs in your own genre. Fiverr will do the rest. If you are potential seller and displayed your skill set very well, then you’ll surely get potential audience.

If you are new seller, then you would have to be patient after publishing your skills in form of gigs, because it takes time to get buyers as a newbie without any review but would surely benefit you in along run.

Good luck.
I am not a new seller, but i pause my service for about 1 year because i need to stay at hospital to look after my family,then i lose “level 2”.
Is there any method to promote my service,such as some platform.

Well then, there will be no problem. After 2,3 New orders, your gigs impressions will automatically re-boost and your profile will gets its potential back. Just a matter of time.