Where to leave a review?


I hired an artist who did a great job and I want to thank them with a 5 star review. But I’ve been clicking all over Fiverr and I can’t figure out how to review! I must be missing something obvious, can someone tell me where to do this? Thanks!


Assuming the gig was delivered by the seller, then you only have a certain amount of time to review. Is it possible you left it too long?
If not, then you should have a ‘todo’ on your dashboard to rate the seller, or you can find the review option in the order.


Maybe this helps. :slight_smile:




Here is video instruction how to leave review for buyer/seller:


Oh no! Maybe I left it too long. I’ve read through the whole “how to leave feedback” tutorial and there is no option to leave feedback when I scroll down to the bottom of the order. All it says is “order delivered” and the only option offered is to contact the seller (who I have thanked, but I feel bad that I never got to review!). I’m a new buyer and didn’t realize there was a short time limit for reviewing. :frowning:


The limit is 30 days according to the Fiverr site. If you´re within that limit still, you could contact Customer Support to ask them, maybe a bug.



I hope the day is treating you well.
You have to open your order page where you got your delivery. In the bottom of this page you will see some options by Fiverr to give Rating and Review to seller. if you are not getting this option then you should contact with Customer Support Team :slight_smile:



Thanks for your help. The option to leave a review is definitely not there. I have contacted customer support.