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Where to post gig link for best traffic?


So Where can I post my gig links besides youtube, twitter , facebook to get good amount of traffic?


Hello. You can also use Linkedin or you can share your gigs here (in fiverr gig category only) so people can see it.

Maria S.


You can use Linkedin and instagram :grinning:


Or share it in your website if you have one!

Maria S.


You should post your gig links where are your target audience is,


thank you. I will post there also


tbh i dont know where they are. Any suggestions? ( I work with graphics)


thank u :slight_smile:


You have some homework to do, as @mariashtelle1 said, reach the people who needs your services, take 1 hour to think who needs them and search on internet.


Google+ is one of the best traffic sources. You may promote your GIG by creating a video on YouTube (Tutorial or review video) and put the GIG link in the description. YouTub is second largest searching platform.


maybe I’m too dumb. I can’t figure it out where to find them. If you suggest me some that will be great of you


thanks , That was helpful


No, I don’t have any suggestions. What’s working for me not going to work for you.

It’s YOUR responsibility to do your homework and work on YOUR business. No one else will solve it for you. Learn marketing, learn how it’s done and how to find your target audience. That’s all just basic things and being a freelancer means that you need to learn a lot of things to succeed. If you are lazy to learn something that might help you with your business then it’s not up to us to solve it for you.


No Its not about laziness { which im not either} just I’m new in freelancing. I dont know anything about marketing and where to go for clients . I mean all people been here where i am right?


This, I use pinterest and twitter for promotion but any social will do the job.


Yes we all was there, and to be honest I was learning everything myself I had only google to help me.
Here we already gave you a lot of advices on WHAT you should start doing but unfortunately we are here not to babysit and you will need to figure out yourself HOW you will do it.


Thanks for your time


Thanks you… That was helpful​:blush: :blush::blush::blush: