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Where to promote as a new seller?

This is so distressing…
None of my social media friends needs the service that I provide so is it worth promoting there out of the blue, like they don’t even know that I’m doing the Fiverr thing.

If I promote in a FB (Facebook), will it be beneficial ? If so can anybody please suggest me some good pages plzzzz (except Fiverr’s own) where I can get actual buyers searching for service . And any advice about FB promoting in general like outside of Fiverr pages ?

Heard a lot about Quaro, but simply how can a normal post there can get me customers when I’m just a completely new seller with no orders nor reviews yet ?? :frowning:


Exactly! new sellers can’t gain buyers trust directly from buyers who visits Fiverr only

SEO your gigs perfectly and share your gig social media like twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and send 10 buyer request every day if you possible,
And active at last 12 hours :blush:


Hi , How r you. Wellcome to fiverr forum. If you your gig linkdin, twitter, instagram published you benefits.

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