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Where To Promote Gigs? [RESOLVED]

Hi, everyone. I’ve been on Fiverr for a couple of weeks now and realize it takes time to become a top rated seller or even make a decant monthly income. I promote my gigs in places such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ etc. My question is, is there anywhere else other than Twitter and Facebook that I can promote my gigs and how do you guys think us as sellers should be promoting our gigs? Suggestions would be much appreciated by me and probably thousands of others. Thanks, Corey.

Sheriff’s Note: Helpful answers have been provided by webexpert1313 and rajnipraveen. This thread is now closed.

Hello you need to promote also in various forums, blogs and another hundred on social media’s sites available.

More engaged with forum also and keep in mind please maintain feedback 5 star rating also for bright career in fiverr. Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @webexpert1313: Thank you very much!

Hope you get the customers, you need.

Reply to @julipalmer7: Thanks!

You can offer buyer at “Buyer’s Request” section. It really works!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Actually just posting on social networks is not the right thing

You should be addressing the right niche

Find groups on social networks related to your gig and post there

This will certainly help