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Where to promote your Fiverr Gigs?

Promote your fiverr gigs in some different innovative ways…

the ways that will take you gig to the persons,who will really order your gigs,

Some of the tips are:

  • post your gig links on Warrior forum site.

    -Paid SEo…=> Doing paid seo is a great idea to get to the top of all the web sites,

    it also helps to get you to the top best dealer of the world,

    -MANUAL seo- you can promote your gigs to different places like for example:

    a product/gig/post is about a photoshop editing/logo design…

    At the very first–>you will have to write a cover letter and link of your gig description,so the viewer of your gig post gets gets impressed!!

    –Yes,you’ll have to IMPRESS the buyer with your gig description,

    {note; do not give any social media site links to contact with the buyer,its hardly restricted}

    Here it s how you do, YOU will have to post the gig and gig desription to the sites related to it… the sites can be social site or any forum or any blog… created by you or others…


    Imtiaz Ahmed

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