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Where to report a buyer who asked for illegal stuff

Hello everyone,

I’m very upset. Few moments ago a buyer contacted me to fix some issues in his website. He asked me to come on teamviewer so he can show me what problem he is facing. The things he showed me put me in a great shock. He wants me to create a pishing website of a turkish bank so he can steal passwords of online banking users. The thing made me so upset is, he almost have all turkish banks pishing websites up and running. I don’t know how many innocent people he scamed so far. I really want to report that person to authority. Unfortunately i dont have any proff beacuse all the conversation he did on teamviewer. Can anyone guide what i can do in this situation? Thank you.

Aqsa Khan


Report him to Fiverr CS NOW!!!

You broke fiverr TOS by communicating outside of fiverr. And you are risking being banned on fiverr or getting a warning.

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Technically you should report this to Police in your country as you just witnessed a crime.

I phoned our equivalent of the CIA once after being spoken to by someone who was showing and telling me things that seemed a lot like terrorism. The agent I spoke with was pretty friendly. I never heard any more. I did the right thing I am sure, even if the guy was just a harmless nutter.


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Dear friend

I hope you are doing well!

Upset has an alternative meaning like annoying, frustrating, and disappointed, or even worried.

Dear friend, You are absolutely right and your questioning is also right too to the community, but the main problem with the Fiverr marketplace is that most of the Sellers do not know what is the actual meaning of Freelancer and it is a different subject, I will let you know some other day.

As you are a Fiverr Freelancer Seller if you have got an order/task to do & you are getting paid for the job then you are bound to do it, still, it depends on you, how actively you perform without complaining to Fiverr CS.

Moreover, if you haven’t got any order from the buyer you can deny the buyer’s request using supportive, kind words including sweet message and it is up to your wish!. But if you fulfill an anyhow little bit of wish or up to the wish then the buyer will also make you happy too by giving TIP or even ordering one more time. Still, I can say it depends.

I hope you get something from me.

In conclusion; henceforth, Please take buyer’s message as a positive response and with a positive sense.

Happy Earning!

Hi @mariashtelle1 usually I am blindfolded 101% on your side but this time I must correct you.

TeamViewer is allowed, especially for services that require technical support.
Even if it is not directly included TeamViewer is allowed by Fiverr.
The rule is that invite to TeamViewer must come in order page and to agent looking at the conversation must be clear why TM was necessary.

I used it for my graphics design GIG because my client had to go live with Zoom and couldn’t figure out how to set my overlays in OBS.

I provided him assistance after he paid my “Online assistant” GIG over TeamViewer.

So we can all use TeamViewer for our gigs. It just has to be clear why you are doing it when you are doing it.