Where to report scamming sellers?


Came across at least 5 sellers of graphic design who steal everything they offer from the internet, where to report these idiots?


Customer Support.


Hi @alw1nl, I’ve unfortunately seen the same when I occasionally use Fiverr as a buyer. Agree with @fonthaunt: report this - and make sure to include hefty screenshots (and evidence) to speed things along.


Customer Support seems not to care about scammers, already reported a few via this way incl. evidence (various links to original sources) a while ago but they do nothing, reported scammer profiles are still there.

Don’t they have a Security Support?


Some is good, a lot is not and there are scammers and fakers and they do scare potential buyers away. Everywhere you see Fiverr mentioned as a place where you should not waste your money because it’s all rubbish, that’s the overall idea of Fiverr, while there are absolutely skilled, motivated and hardworking sellers enough. It’s just a kind of art to find them (which itself cost you money), but the admins should put more effort in keeping the place clean from scammers, spammers and fakers.


Customer Support. They will direct your concerns to the trust and safety team. There’s not much else you can do.


I have someone to report as well. She stole money and have not done any work.


Yes the trust and safety team will warn them. But, they will not delete their profiles or gigs after the first warning. If this copying continues, they will delete and ban the profiles and gigs. That is why you are still seeing them, is not like they didn’t reacted. From my experience Fiverr’s Customer Support is one of the best on the Internet at the moment.


They will never eliminate all the problem sellers. Putting more staff on scammer/spammer duty will mean that either fees will go up or advertising/other aspects will suffer. Even by taking that step there will still be people who have bad experiences who will shout it from the rooftops while happy buyers will just keep buying and not tell anyone their secret source of great cheap labor.


Yes, the only reasonable thing to do here is to keep reporting them to Customer Support and hopefully with the bulk of repetitive complaints they will get shutdown.


Best to contact the copyright owner, they can then pursue it further if they so choose.

  • they have provision from scammers - they will never admit officially that it is good business to have them


You came through at least 5 sellers in the graphic design category who have copied their gigs. Go through the ‘Video Intros’ category and you will have difficulty coming through at least 5 sellers who have NOT copied their gigs. The video intro category is plagued with templates from VERY famous websites that sell those templates. I doubt Fiverr doesn’t already know about it. But nothing has been done about it.


How do you report them?


By submitting a ticket to Customer Support, with all the relevant info and proof: https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Under which topic? I’m sorry, I may be looking right at it.


Trust & Safety, and then either Reporting Bad User Behavior, or Reporting Questionable Gigs.


Fiverr CS only responds to DMCA orders that come directly from the copyright owner.

They will just serve you with a canned response no matter how many times you report idiots who sell stolen stuff.


Ah yes, I see, thank you so much. I did realize in conversation threads, the itty bitty Report button. I knew I’d seen it before, ha!