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Where will be share my gig for promote?

I wan to know in where will be share my gig without FB,Twitter, LinkedIn,G+. Where are

Here are 60+ social media links. You can share any of them without FB, Twitter, Linked, G+

Thank You so much. I want to more how to sell my gig. I am yet sell one.Plz help me.

Promote your gigs,
Send buyer request everyday,
Stay active.
You will get orders soon :slight_smile:

And I want to know is this social link for fiverr gig sharable.

How will my gig promote plz details say.

Yes! You can share your business on any of your social media profiles :slight_smile:

You can learn about promoting here:

and here

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In which way will promote my gig plz details.

Please, Visit those links, everything you want to know has been explained entirely by the experienced persons. You need to work hard and help yourself. :slight_smile:

thank you so much your nice advice

Hello n4y33m,
I shared my gig according your advice but I’m yet sell one.Please say for me how is sell my gig?