Where would a seller stand on outsourcing for their own gig?


Hi Community,

As I have previously said I am trying to work towards level one seller and have had a thought of a possible gig extra, obviously I wouldn’t do this unless it’s allowed but I wonder where sellers would stand when it comes to this sort of thing.

To give a clearer example, I offer a gig where I create 3D eBook covers and have been thinking of potential extras to offer…

Basically I had a thought of just turning people’s 2D artwork into 3D for the $5, then for a gig extra of $10 offering to design the 2D cover. Just wondering where a seller would stand with the idea of then ordering a $5 gig off of another seller then reselling the 2D as part of the gig extra?

As said already, I would not do such a thing if I am unsure on where I would stand. Also wonder if sellers already do this?




I wouldn’t mind if you were outsourcing my work. The one thing that might be controversial is if their work is featured as your own in your portfolio, but since your gig is about altering work they provide, the portfolio would only be showing off your alterations, not the original work, so it would be fine.

Lots of people resell gigs outside of Fiverr everyday. The best thing you could do is contact the person and talk to them about it. They might appreciate that you are providing them with extra work they mightn’t have gotten, because while their buyers are targeted to 2D artwork, yours are targeted to 3D artwork.


Works for me


I’m all for outsourcing as long as the buyer, seller and producer are all happy in the end. I’ve never done it myself, although it has crossed my mind. I once ran a VERY popular logo design gig. So popular, I couldn’t possibly keep up with the demand. Problem is, it’s hard to find a 3rd party to handle the work for just a couple bucks per order.