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Where'd my customers go?


This is so confusing and frustrating: I started a new gig and made five sales in a few days, but then everything dried up. My gig lost its video for a few days when the Fiverr staff incorrectly denied it (that’s the start of the big drop in views), but it’s on the rebound and my views are going up again… but the sales are not. I’ve got a blog with relevant content that links to my Fiverr (which gets some traffic), I participate in social networking, and I’m also using a Google ad campaign to increase traffic.

So the problem doesn’t seem to be getting attention - there’s something happening after people land on my page causing them to not convert to paying customers. I’m at a loss how to fix this: I’m doing everything with my listing that Fiverr will permit - banner, video (including a call to action in the video), 3 images, 2 PDF files, short and sweet paragraphed description (again, with a call to action), money-back guarantee, express option, extra for additional content, extra for different delivery format, and I’ve got all positive reviews.


I’m not sure what’s causing the sales to dry up - with as many views as I’m getting, there ought to be a higher conversion rate, but I can’t understand why it’s not happening.

My gig listing:


I think you did great to get so many sales right off the bat. That’s really rare on Fiverr. Your gig is great though, so clearly that’s why you were successful.

It’s hard to pinpoint what your conversion rate should be, given that you’re so new. It could be that you experienced an abnormal first few days, and are coming back to earth a bit. Fiverr can be really tough, even if you do everything right.

What’s your c/rate now if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve always been at around 7% myself.

sara1984 said: What's your c/rate now if you don't mind me asking? I've always been at around 7% myself.

5 sales divided by 474 views gives me a converstion rate of .01%


Oh… I think I know what problem is: if my gig is getting enough views, but people aren’t converting, there’s something wrong with the description of my services. I think the specific problem is that even though I can provide whatever service my customers want, they’re not seeing it described in my offerings. Back to the drawing board.