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Where's are the buyer requests? Sorry newbie

Isn’t there a section on here for buyers requests? Ex: buyer posts request for logo for company. Gives details of what they need, size, colors, file requirements etc. Then I submit my idea and see if they pick me for the gig. Am I not looking in the right place?

Or is that not how this site works and I’m confusing Fiverr with another freelance site? I’m really frustrated with this and Fiverr Support hasn’t responded to my tweet yet. Any help would be appreciated as I want to get the freelance ball rolling.

Thank you.


There is a place for fiverr requests yes.

Click the selling tab, then the buyer requests tab.

There you will find the buyer requests section.

Your seller level depends on how many you can respond to a day.

For example, I’m a level 2 seller (hoping to hit TRS some day) and I can respond to 10 offers a day.

Help that helps,

Ok I found that but it’s blank. Do I need to have gigs set up for every field (logo design, brand identity, graphic design etc) before things show up? I just don’t get why a list didn’t populate when I clicked on buyer requests. Did I miss something?

There may be a minimum amount of orders that are required.

Do you have any gigs up at the moment?

You have to have at least 1 gig active to be able to offer your service.