Where's Cy?


Haven’t seen him around in a while.


Was wondering the same. TBH, the forum is a bit of a pain to use at the moment so it’s possible he is just not coming on it. He changed his pic recently and is delivering orders so he is ok. Send a postcard to see how he is. His address is:
Andy (the British guy)
It will probably get there.
(There are not many countries that an Irish guy can justifiably mock about size).


He got scared off from here when I messaged him about a problem I was having that was forum related. He decided he should stay away. I’m afraid it’s my fault he’s gone, but I can’t say I blame him. We didn’t know what was going on for a day or two when strange things began to happen to me and I messaged him for his opinion. It all snowballed from there.
We had some drama which I stupidly dragged him into. I hope he returns but can’t say it will happen after all he saw me go through.


Cy, come back dude, there’s nothing to worry about.