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Where's My Effin Recept?

So I paid a whopping $78.50 through the Fiverr link for some art work for an ebook (this wasn’t paid through PayPal). The work is completed and I’m a happy camper except there is nowhere on the site I can find a recept for the $78.50. I have to turn a recept into my company and guess what???

I’ve spent at least an hour scouring the site and no luck. Then I email the person that did the work for me and she’s no help either. She sends me a link to the main page.

Is there anywhere on this effin site where I can find a receipt for the services rendered? Oh, and by the way…This ain’t my first Rodeo and I’ve bought myriad products and serices online. This is the only site I’ve seen where finding a recepts is impossible. Suggestions???

Hi Scott, try this:


Under settings/Billings, you can set up to receive invoices.


It’s a pity you didn’t pay by PayPal - your receipt would have been emailed to you. Never mind, maybe next time? :grinning:


So, I did all that. Now what?

This shouldn’t be this complicated. Like I’ve said I’ve brought 100’s of things online. Could always get a receipt when I paid either by email or going to billing on the site.

Did that. How long does it take to get the receipt after you set that up?

If you´re in a hurry, and it doesn´t work for some reason, you can send a ticket to Customer Support, ‘Custom Invoice’ is one of the dropdown options., they usually reply within 24 hours, though it depends on their queue.

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It is quite simple.
At the top of the order you placed there is a “View Invoice” button.
Click that and follow the instructions. You can also get invoices sent monthly.

I don’t even see the order I place.

I receive an email from Fiverr with the receipt.

I’ve spent Hundreds of dollars on Fiverr.

Contact support if you didn’t receive one!

:bulb: Joe

Ha, when I hover over the “Buying” link I don’t get the same drop down. My dropdown is:

How Fiverr Works
Manage Requests
Post a Request

You still have the “older” version menu.

A new menu was recently introduced!

:bulb: Joe

Makes sense. I obvioulsy didn’t get the memo. So how is it I have an older version?

And how do I get the new one?

It will be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks!

:bulb: Joe

That costs extra. (jk)

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We all did. And yip, you are right.

I’ve bought gigs before the new menu version was introduced, it was easy to find the orders, I think there were at least 2 Buying buttons one could click and get to Manage Orders or something then.
I definitely remember there was an option Buying on the top navigation bar, on the left corner, directly next to Dashboard, also you could get to it by clicking your username, or a dropdown arrow right of the name. If none of that works for you, maybe just send a ticket, Customer Support surely can help you, they probably can send you a link to your order page.

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It’s the new version that doesn’t let you find orders easily unfortunately.